Countertop kitchen compost bin

CAPACITY & DIMENSIONS:  0.8 gallon / 3 liter; 7.5" tall (with lid) and 7.5" wide; enough for 2-3 days of food scraps, after that time you need to empty it, because scraps will start to degrade and you will have bad smell in the kitchen when you open the lid.

MATERIAL: Cream powder coated carbon steel; the handle has silicone cover for easier carrying.

FUNCTIONALITY: Compost bin with 4 charcoal filters; removable charcoal filter in the lid keeps smell in the bin and prevent the fruit flies out.  Lid is very easy to open.

Countertop kitchen compost bin

CAPACITY & DIMENSIONS:  1.3 gallon / 5 liter; 9.1" tall (with lid) and 8.9" wide; 

DESIGN: Nice vintage look is perfect for every kitchen. Perfect size to look nice on your countertop.

CLEANING: Dishwasher safe.

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